Hello world!

by developmentaliste

As far back as I can remember, I have been told the pen is a mighty power. The power of the pen is mightier than the sword. If you know how to write well, you can change minds and win over hearts. Having the skill of good expression is different from knowing how to write.

One thing thing I can’t stand is a badly written book, article or other piece of writing, particularly on an interesting topic. It’s an onerous task to read something that is badly written, but you need the information on those pages so you have to go on till the end. The worst part of a badly written book is when it has been well researched, but somehow the author has not managed to convey the connection between his/her expertise into the writing and the text resembles dead wood. I think it’s a waste of paper. On the other hand, sometimes badly written books can compensate  for lack of information on a certain topic. In this case, even a badly written book is an asset. So, it all depends on perspective and the need for information, badly written or not. So always be good at expressing yourself. Or at least try to.

I love detailed descriptions. I love dissecting information and analysis is food for thought to me. I also love observing people, places, art, artifacts, movements and production processes. They are tapestries of life, and in a way our stories are all a patchwork in the making.

Some friends used to tell me that I should write my thoughts and that way share my insights. I know I have always been good at talking. That’s easy to do. You just open your mouth and luckily if something sensible comes out, you’re on the safe side. However being a good talker or conversationalist is something different. Moreover, you should also know when to just keep quiet. Even when you have a right to your opinion, there will always be people who believe you should be silenced at all costs, because your ideas clash with their world views and position in the bigger details of different shades of grey.

Anyhow, about the power of the pen being mighty, several escapades, experiences, and subsequent observations later, I finally managed to create sufficient stories for a blog. They were lying idle on my laptop, always tagging along wherever I went on my travels in this big world. I was never ready to share my stories until now.  I’m sure even once they have all been edited and posted, they will gather dust on the world wide web, until I remember to tell people about them.

All my entries have been written over the years, so they are quite dated. They are reflections on my travels, life experiences, public lectures and people I met when out and about. Sometimes they may be unrealistically optimistic as they were written from a first impression burst of creativity. Whether negative or positive, they’re my observations and understanding of anthropology, development studies, geography and general international affairs.