New York, New York

At long last, I finally got to visit New York, the Big Apple, another world capital. The idea of America, the land of liberty and opportunities is very tantalizing. In movies paupers, ex-convicts, people of tainted characters were given a new leash of life, a new identity.

They became plantation owners, traders, cultivators, in other words, creators of dreams. Manhattan New York is where luxury is a way of life. Madison Avenue, Park Avenue, 5th Avenue, are where the rich and famous live and stay. The Waldorf –Astoria, the Plaza Hotel are all places of rags to riches stories.

It is as if all the wealth of this world is concentrated in Manhattan. Many will probably contradict me and say I’m wrong, and that Dubai is more opulent. Fair enough, it may have high rise buildings, not to mention the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, the world’s largest dancing fountain, a range of 7* hotels, not to mention the taxfree shopping.

Manhattan is more expensive. Everything is double taxed, the New York state tax and the sales tax. Nevertheless, whereas Dubai has enclaves of opulence usually centered around a luxury hotel, you just need to take a walk around Manhattan to see the wealth.

In conclusion,  Manhattan is well connected. The vicinity operates on a grid system, which is what makes a city great. Once you’re familiar with the area you can’t really get lost because as long as you walk parallel to a building or other landmark you will manage to get to your destination.