HIV/AIDS- an ironic nightmare

Human Immunodeficiency virus/Aquired Immunodeficiency Disease Symptoms is such an ironic disease. It is incurable, it is degenerative and yet so easy to prevent. Common sense is not rocket science and doesn’t require an education. However, to prevent HIV/AIDS, an individual needs to have common sense. Neither are lust, desire, passion causes, nor is lack of self-control a cause. Moreover, when a life threatening fact is staring you in the face, stubbornness towards behavioural change when it comes to something as simple as condom use, is sheer irresponsible behavior. Especially when you know what it is and how it is spread. Besides when more than 30% of your economically productive, adult population is dying what is left for social, cultural and economic regeneration? Who will pass on traditional knowledge and practices? When teachers and health personnel such as doctors and nurses are dying, who will develop and sustain human resources for productive purposes? Health care is a privilege in developing countries, but when health care personnel are dying it is bound to become a rarity. Horror story scenarios are made, some bordering on the outrageous. However, it is these images which force people to deal with what could likely become a reason for the extinction of mankind in certain part of the world, where population concentration is high, but national population is relatively low. Going into its 30th year, it is time to focus on the social impacts of HIV/AIDS alongside the preventive and curative aspects of the disease.